Lawrence Boys and Girls Club


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Please be as precise as possible so that we can assess applicability and availability.  Incompete information could delay response. 

Ideas on rentals include: 

Birthday Parties using our pool and cafeteria/kitchen, volleyball & basketball tournaments, computer training classes, luncheons, events in our gyms up to 400 people, small events using our music room, cafeteria and kitchen, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

This is a great source of revenue for our organization so we welcome you to ask us about possibilities.  Please be aware, that availablility will generally be when the children are not utilizing our building and services.

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    Refer to the Rental Opportunities page for more information about each of our rental spaces.

Did You Know?

The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence was established in 1891 and has been serving the youth of Greater Lawrence for 116 years.