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Lawrence Boys and Girls Club



The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence offers members a wide range of programs, events, field trips, and recreational and educational activities. Quality mentoring and academic support is also provided. All programs are divided into three core areas that are meant to develop specific skills or strengths. Together they comprise a set of programs that contribute to the formation of well-rounded, socially responsible and motivated young citizens of the community. By the time our members enter the "real world," they are well-equipped to conquer it. 

The 3 Core Program Areas are:

Character & Leadership

Youth empowerment, character building, and leadership development are the basis for our programming. We mold our youth into responsible citizens who take pride in their heritage and community. Our youth will more likely participate in the democratic process.

Academic Success

By emphasizing the importance of education, offering academic support and encouraging the exploration of different careers and opportunities for higher education, our youth learn to set goals and nurture aspirations for the future.

Healthy Lifestyles

The programs in this area help promote healthy minds, bodies, and social relationships through education, mentoring and peer leadership.


Did You Know?

Since 1991 four members of the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence have been recognized by the President of the United States in the Oval Office.