Lawrence Boys and Girls Club


Education & Career Development

Educational Guidance

Through expert assistance from both the Director and Assistant Director of Education, youth members receive help transitioning from middle school to high school and from high school to college. Middle school students visit private and public high schools, and high school students go on college trips and receive help with college admission and financial aid applications.

Tutoring Program

Every Monday through Thursday, 300 youth members do their homework, get homework help, and complete school projects in a supportive environment filled with books, computers, and other resources needed for academic success. Adult tutors and student volunteers from area colleges and private and public schools assist our kids every day.

Mentoring Program

Close to 100 community leaders currently volunteer to mentor a child. The relationship involves weekly contact to provide moral and academic support, plus monitor academic performance.

Science Lab

One of our key educational initiatives is introducing and promoting STEM to our members.


In The Clubhouse Network computer lab, youth members have daily access to technology and enjoy lessons on high-speed, Internet-connected computers. Club kids practice Internet safety and explore their creativity through graphic design, music composition, web design, and video production. Through our partnership with The Clubhouse Network, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, members also have access to an international community of creative youth and are able to share ideas and collaborate on a global level. 

Career Development

Career exploration and development are integral components of our programs for high school members, emphasizing resume writing and basic work ethic. We assist club kids with summer employment through relationships with area businesses.

Scholarship Program

One of the key points stressed to youth members at the club is to focus on their education and go to college. We are fortunate to have individuals devoted to helping our kids achieve the dream of a college education by providing scholarships. Annually, our Scholarship Committee accepts applications from youth members and awards scholarship based upon academic achievement, effort, and participation in the club. Those providing scholarships include:

  • Alumni Association Scholarships
  • Roland & Joanne Baker Scholarship
  • Karen Kravchuk Scholarship
  • Dr. Richard Lindsay & Family Scholarship
  • MacMillan Family Scholarship (2)
  • John Menzi Scholarship
  • Dr. Milton Meyers Scholarship
  • Victor J. Mill Scholarship (2)
  • Joseph Miragliotta Scholarship
  • Maria Tabei Scholarship
  • Joseph Torrisi Scholarship
  • Susan Velie Norton Scholarship
  • Thomas F. Walsh (Merrimack College) Scholarship
  • West Parish Church Men's Group Scholarship Fund


Did You Know?

There are currently over 150 members of the 1891 Club, the most prestigious donor society at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence.