Flight Simulation

Over the summer, the Club was gifted a flight simulation device that teaches our members the mechanics of flying a plane. The device has been a hit in the Technology Center, with kids of all ages wanting to test it.

The device is designed to mimic actual plane controls and to put users in the pilot’s seat. However, as fun as it looks, learning to use it is challenging. To educate our members and give them some tips, our volunteer coordinator Suzanne F. solicited the help of Paul J., a JetBlue pilot, and long-time Club partner.

Intrigued by Paul walking into the Club with his uniform on, the kids lined up in the Technology Center, eager to learn. Paul taught them the basics, such as the functions of the buttons, how to take off, and how to land. After the demonstration, the kids were allowed to test their new knowledge.

Juan, age 12, said, “I didn’t think it would be this hard to fly a plane. I could not even get in the air without crashing! I now have lots of respect for pilots.”

Activities like this one are essential to our Club’s mission. We want to expose our members to the many options available to them and to support the belief that the right attitude and guidance