Our Core Program Areas

Character & Leadership

Youth empowerment, character building, and leadership development are the basis for our programming. We mold our youth into responsible citizens who take pride in their heritage and community. Our youth will more likely participate in the democratic process.

Education & Career Development

By emphasizing the importance of education, offering academic support, and encouraging the exploration of different careers and opportunities for higher education, our youth learn to set goals and nurture aspirations for the future.

Planning for Your Future

Our ultimate education program, Planning for Your Future, teaches kids the tactics and steps to make dreams achievable. The program helps high schoolers apply to college, enlist in the military, or enter the trades professions. It also helps middle schoolers plan for high school and a possible career path, from going on to a vocational high school or applying to a parochial or prep school with accessible financial assistance. Through hands-on, one-on-one guidance, participants learn how to write an essay, prepare for an interview, apply for financial aid, and much more. In addition to formal weekly meetings, participants can drop in to visit with the Assistant Director of Education or Teen Director for help with anything from reviewing an application to exploring a career path.

Healthy Lifestyles

The programs in this area help promote healthy minds, bodies, and social relationships through education, mentoring, and peer leadership.