Winter Vacation with Ironstone Farm!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Cummings Foundation, a few of our Club kids were given the opportunity to learn about farm life at Ironstone Farm in Andover, MA. During the February school break, our members learned about leadership, trust, teamwork, and horses!


Over the three vacation days, our members were bused to the farm, where they learned about caring for and feeding horses and ultimately learned how to ride them around the corral! They also discussed therapeutic practices, animal education and shared a little about themselves. The program was successful as participants boasted about being grateful for the new experience. 

Ari, age 12, said, "I used to be afraid of horses, but this program helped me to get over that fear and understand that horses are sweet and calm animals."

Thank you, Ironstone Farm. The kids had a fantastic week of outdoor fun, laughter, and discovery. We can't wait for a new batch of kids to experience the same opportunity over spring break!